The plain coir or coco mat, which is the choice of doormats for those who cannot give up on simplicity, is among the decoration trends of recent times. By buying them, you may also create nice and clean places.

When one says “doormat”, several objects come to mind at once. The first of these is the mat used for cleaning. The other is the doormat laid on the floor. There are 2 types of this mat. Some mats are meant to be put in front of the door. The exterior doormat used at home ensures that if there is dirt on the floor of the shoes that will probably be put in the shoe cabinet at home, at least some of them are cleaned. It is also seen that doormats are placed on the doors of buildings such as workplaces and schools. The purpose of this is to prevent soil, mud and dust from entering the building as much as possible and to keep the inside of the building as clean as possible. There are also doormats in different price ranges for different budgets. In this way, the one that suits your needs can be easily found.

Where to buy plain doormats, Why should I buy a coir doormat, How much does a coir doormat cost?, Should I buy a plain coir doormat or a doormat with designs

Plain Coir Doormat

The plain coir or coco mat, which is the choice of door mats for those who cannot give up on simplicity, is among the decoration trends of recent times. But in the coir mat models, which are the new fashion for homes, there are also classic models as well as rich design varieties. There are those that make a difference with their shape, as well as color, script on them or completely original models.


Advantages of Plain Coir Doormats

 The doormats named as coir or coco are produced with coconut yarns. Coco is a versatile fiber obtained from the protective outer shell of the coconut, which grows very close to the equator, especially in India. The fibers are spun into yarn with traditional spinning wheels. These yarns are used in making various mats, floor coverings and for a variety of purposes such as erosion cover. Coco yarn is the most ideal mat raw material on the earth, which can hold water due to its cellulosic structure and can remıve dust and mud at the same time due to its brush feature. These special doormats have durability and cleaning properties. The texture and brush-like nature of the coir mats, which helps to keep the dirt out of the house, allows it to remove dirt such as mud. Coir mats, which are not affected by humidity, do not allow odor formation. The other advantages of coir doormats can be listed as follows;

  • It may be used for your residential or commercial areas.

  • It offers an aesthetic appearance.

  • It is produced using high quality and durable materials.

  • It is easy to clean.



  • Why should I buy a coir doormat?

By preventing the entry of dust and mud from the outside to the inside, coir doormats keep the floor clean. Additionally, the product is easy to clean, which saves you time and effort. These doormats may be used for many years, which minimize the deformations that may occur over time.

  • What are the matters to be considered in cleaning coco doormats?

First of all, one should not use chemical solvents and stain removers for the cleaning of the coir mats. Because these products harm not only your doormat, but also the environment and you. In order to clean a coir doormat, one may wash the product with water or shake it off. When cleaning the coir mat, it is sufficient to turn it upside down and shake. Unless it is not very often, coir doormat may be cleaned with water. One should not forget that a coir doormat should not be thrown under the vehicle used for cleaning purposes. 

  • How much does a coir doormat cost?

Depending on the brands, types and quality of the mats, the prices of the coir door mats may vary. What you need to do here is to find the coir doormat that is suitable for your budget as well as your needs. Thanks to today's technology and the internet, this has become an easy process. There are mats available for every budget. You just need good research. You can have an idea by reading the comments of the product and you can complete your shopping after that. You should also read the features of the products you will buy. It will not be difficult to find the most suitable product for your budget, as there are many varieties. You may even ensure that the products you come across are also suitable for your budget by entering the price in the filtering section according to your budget.



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