Best Blank Coir Doormats From Manufacturing Companies in US

Doormats are useful products that help keep indoor and outdoor spaces clean and coir doormats, produced from special coconut fibers, provide you clean and aesthetic places.



Best Blank Coir Doormats From Manufacturing Companies, Doormats are useful products that help keep indoor and outdoor spaces clean and coir doormats, produced from special coconut fibers, provide you clean and aesthetic places.


Doormats are useful products that help keep indoor and outdoor spaces clean and it is used to clean the bottoms of shoes of people coming from outside. Doormats generally have serrated surfaces and can be produced from various materials. The doormats, which are offered for sale in different sizes, are placed in front of the doors and contribute to the cleanliness of the interior spaces. At the same time, since they have a stylish appearance, they are also preferred for decoration as a complementary element. You can add elegance to your spaces by choosing different designs for doormats that you will use in your homes and workplaces.

 Doormat Types

Different materials can be used to make doormats. Today, stylishly designed door mats are produced with materials such as aluminum, plastic, rug weave or wicker. The material selection of the mat should be made in direct proportion to the place and purpose of use. There are also interesting door mat alternatives for the products with many different types. One of the most preferred doormats is coir doormat. These mats have two materials in it. The base part of which is made of rubber material and the upper part woven with coco fibers and they are highly decorative models. They have the ability to easily remove mud, dust and dirt.

 What Is A Coir Doormat?

Coco is a type of fiber made from the protective outer bark of the coconut tree, which grows in geographical regions such as Indonesia, India, and Sri Lanka, located close to the equator line. Coco fibers are processed with spinning wheels and turned into rope.

Coco is used for making door mats as well as for sound insulation in floor coverings. This yarn easily absorbs water and moisture due to its cellulosic structure. It is the most suitable mat material that can collect dust, dirt and mud at the same time. The coco has the feature of brushing and cleaning. It is a hard material and has a dense texture. It cleans the mud and dirt under the shoes by brushing it. It keeps the dust within itself and prevents it from dispersing. Coco doormat is a preferred product for outdoor door fronts. These mats are suitable for different pattern work. Products that can be used with a logo can also be designed as a personalized door mat.

If we consider that doormats are widely used in homes and workplaces, coco or coir doormats are among the best complementary parts of door entrances. The raw materials used in the mat materials both keep the area where the mat is used clean and allow a long-term use with their durable structures.

Advantages of Coir Doormats

Coir doormats offer many advantages for the users. We may list them as follows; 

  • The bottom of the mat can be easily cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth.
  • The top of the mop can be swept with a vacuum cleaner.
  • It has an easy-to-clean structure.
  • With its brushed structure, dust and dirt retention is high.
  • Thanks to its cellulosic structure, it absorbs water easily.
  • It is an environmentally-friendly product and it doesn’t have harmful materials in it.
  • Users can add color and aesthetic to their living spaces as they wish.
  • Since it is natural, it does not produce static electricity.
  • Robust and long-lasting. Thanks to the flexibility of the fibers, it preserves its natural form for a long time. 


Things To Consider While Using A Coir Doormat

Since Coir mats are produced from natural materials with traditional methods, they may leave fibers in the first use, but this is temporary. They are recommended to be used indoors and in dry environments.

PLEASE NOTE: Different chemical cleaners are not recommended for doormat cleaning. At the same time, it should not be left under a heavy flow of water and long contact with water should be avoided. 



How are coir doormats produced? 

Coir mats are produced from large coconut fibers grown in the Kerala region of the south coast of India. The shells of the coconuts collected from the trees are peeled; The peeled shells are kept in the lake water for 6-9 months. Thanks to this process called “retting”, the crusts soften and the fibers are extracted from the bark by beating with wooden sticks. In traditional knitting wheels, the fibers are knitted into yarn and dyed in vibrant colors. Thus, mats in different patterns, colors and shapes are produced.

How can I clean a coir doormat?

Those who are wondering how to clean the door mat should know that all types of mats can be easily cleaned. You can clean them by sweeping, washing and shaking them. If the exterior and interior door mats are not cleaned regularly, it causes the intense dust and dirt accumulated in it to be carried to the interior spaces. Bacteria and microbes begin to grow in products that are never cleaned. Therefore, you need to take care of the hygienic care of the mats. You may clean the thick mats for the first time by turning them upside down for a while or vacuuming them. But one should be aware that chemical materials may harm the doormat structure. For this reason, it is much better to clean the doormat with water or sweep with a vacuum cleaner.

According to which criteria are mat prices determined?

Door mat prices in different models vary according to the material used, design features and size dimensions. Products such as custom door mats or mats with logos may include higher prices. Models with larger sizes are also included in this order. Interior and exterior door mat prices are priced according to the material value of the material from which the product is made. Textile door mats and aluminum metal mats are not in the same price range. Plastic ones, coco yarn and carpet mat models are offered for sale at different prices. For this reason, it is recommended to contact the company that you have chosen. By contacting factories, you may have the greatest coir doormats at affordable prices.


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