Personalized doormats fantasize all of us but not their price. You can make a DIY doormat with a circut in your home without spending many bucks. Bring your crafty self out and follow this guide to personalize your porch in no time. 


Are you looking for an aesthetically appealing way to transform your living space or work location? If yes, wave goodbye to your boring doormat and switch them to a custom-made doormat. Nothing is cuter than a handmade doormat for welcoming guests. Have you ever thought of designing a doormat yourself? DIY doormats add a festive touch to your porch. When it comes to selecting the material of your doormat, nothing beats the coir, a natural fibrous material made from the outer layer of coconut.

DIY doormat with a circut is always a great idea to give a traditional look to the home, events, and many more. Here we will provide you with a step-by-step guide to making DIY dormant with the circut.

Usually, it happens that a dormant idea is stuck in our minds, and we strive hard to find it. But what if it is a personalized design? ilovemats provide the durable doormats that fit best to make a DIY doormat and enjoy the results.

Now, let's move to the essential guide and make your DIY dormant with a circut without thinking anymore.

Download your doormat design

First things first, take the measurements of your mat and then look for the design according to its size. If you already have a mat and design, then get its print in size.

Choosing the doormat size ensures that you know about the dimensions of your area that you want to cover with it.

After that, choose the design. For example, if you want to make it for winter or hello winter, then select or personalize your design according to your theme.

Cut stencil with circuit machine

Take freezer paper and make a stencil by using freezer paper. It is a beautiful and inexpensive thing that you can adhere to with plenty of mats. First, place the freezer paper in the circuit machine and ensure that its shiny end is toward the light grip mat.

Place the mat in the machine and load its finishing circut after attaching. Now it's time for cutting. Remove the carpet carefully when the circut machine ends its working.

Coats of acrylic paint

Now the real fun and exciting level begins. Get the stiff bristle brush. Choose the acrylic color and start painting. Dip the brush in the paint and gently move the brush in a vertical motion. Take extra precautions and iron press the stencil before painting. You can also pin the letter to avoid movement.

However, apply coats according to the required shade and let them dry. Paint 2 to 4 coats commonly and remove stencils after they get scorched.

Sealing The Doormat- Last Step

After painting and removing the stencil, ensure to seal the mat for long-term usage. You can seal the doormat sealer. This way, you can prevent it from paint tearing. Using a reliable spray sealer and using it in ventilated areas is a great idea, though.

After sealing your DIY doormat, let it dry for 30 minutes and hang at your desired location.

It is a great idea to welcome winter, spring and to celebrate Christmas by making your front porch as it brightens your front porch and brings happiness.



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