Place a coir doormat in your entryways for curb appeal and reap many benefits of its environmentally-friendly material. The natural fibers of coir make it hard-wearing, long-lasting and provide a way to economically upgrade and transform your porch or hallways in an aesthetically appealing way. Ilovemats focus on coir doormats designed to take off dust, mud, and moisture from the shoes. Grab your favorite one and keep your entryways clean.

Beautify your entrances with a doormat that is durable and functional. Functional doormats don't just prevent people from tracking dirt into your home, but they also make an appealing first impression. Looking for an environmentally-friendly entrance mat solution? A coir doormat it is, then! Made from natural fibers derived from outer coconut husk, the coir fibers of coir doormats are then processed into yarn. Coco coir has white coir fibers or brown fibers. The latter is strong and fits best for making coir doormats. The short and tough bristles of the coir doormat seep water, remove mud, and help to keep your premises clean.

Benefits of Coir Doormats

Environmental friendly

Being made from natural fibers, they contribute to a green world. The coconut husk can be recycled into doormats and help save nature. Besides, they protect us from many diseases.

Since many people have sensitivity to synthetic material of non-biodegradable doormats, coir doormats made of biodegradable material save them from many health issues.  


Sturdiness comes from the natural material of coir. Once placed in the entryways, they prevent the risks of falls that are more common in rainy weather. They are too strong to tolerate the load of entrances to industrial areas and farms.


Another advantage of the coir doormats is that they are resilient to water. Also, the processed coir made of natural fibers can resist mold and mildew if they get moist upon exposure to freshwater and saltwater. 


As a sustainable resource, coir can last for 6 to 10 years. The robust nature of coir makes it durable and long-lasting. With that said, its functionality provides excellent cleaning quality for many years they last,

Tip: if you want a durable coir doormat with a lifespan of more than 10 years, consider choosing a thick doormat. Such coir doormats have increased longevity and perform well in high-traffic areas.

Aesthetically appealing

No matter where you place the coir doormats, they spruce up the place. And create a traditional yet natural ambiance. All in all, the natural appearance of coir door mats perfectly reflects your personality, creates a positive impression on visitors, and inspires others to promote a greener world. They sweep off dirt, grit, mud, and sand from your shoes/ If you are a DIY type person and want to customize your entryways, coir doormats would be your right choice. You can paint them and design them according to your taste.


Caring for your porch would not cost a fortune if you place coir doormats. They provide a cost-effective way to decorate your entrances. Also, they are easy to install and maintain. You can place them in your home without denting your wallet. For sure, you won't regret choosing a coir doormat for quality, appearance, and cost-effectiveness.


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