Welcome your visitors with your customized doormats that you have made without using a Cricut machine. Choose your doormat from ilovemats and start customizing it according to your style.

Hunting for an economical way to add fun to your porch? Appealing doormats are an excellent way to greet your guests. Since welcoming doormats are not an affordable choice for everyone, many creative people opt for customized doormats. If you are seeking help from your friend Google or YouTube, you might have found a lot of ways to make a custom doormat with a Cricut machine. But making a customized doormat is not a cup of tea for every doormat lover. You can make a custom doormat without a Cricut too. Yes, it’s a pretty simple and economical way. Also, you can flaunt your customized doormats that spruce up your living space. You just need to follow the simple steps that I am going to cover in this write-up. So, without further ado, take a peek below:

Items You Need For Customizing The Doormat

Stash on the following materials in your bag, and let’s get started!

  • Doormat
  • Printer
  • Papers
  • Acrylic paint and paintbrushes
  • Sewing pins
  • Xacto knife

Design Your Own Artwork

First off, make your artwork on software. The dimensions of the design should be the same as that of your doormat. After creating your artwork, add your text choosing your favorite fonts and size. Then, save this design on your computer.

Print Your Artwork

Now move towards printing your artwork. We all know that large size texts are pretty tough to print on paper using a home printer. Here comes a solution. Simply, adjust the settings of your printer and print your design on different papers. To print the design on legal-size papers, go to the settings of the printer. And select the poster button. Then enter 0.25 inches in the overlap. After that, check the ’’Tile Only Large Pages’’ option. Finally, preview and get your design printed on paper. Once you get your printouts to tape them all and cut extra parts.

Trace the Shape of Words and Design

Using a Xacto knife, trace out the words. Finally, cut the stencils and place them onto your doormats. Make sure that all letters do not stick to anything. And the stencil is secured properly to the doormat.

Place the Pins To Secure The Stencil on Doormats

This step is crucial and makes it easy for you to paint the artwork of stencil on

the doormat. Sewing pins ensure that you can easily dab the paint without worrying that the stencil will move from its place.    

Dab the doormat

Now comes the most interesting step. Yes, it’s dabbing the acrylic paint all over the stencil. If you want an excellent experience of painting, choose the bristles brush. Though it is an interesting step, this step requires much caution. You need to properly dab the stencil to prevent overpainting and fine-tune the rough edges around the letters.

Bringing it all together

Custom doormats create a warming first expression and greet your guests in your style. If you are interested in making your custom doormats without denting your bank, hopefully, this write-up would help you. So, follow the simple steps mentioned in this write-up and make your visitors smile.





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