Create a charm and radiate warmth in your home with your handmade doormat. Choose your favorite design from our list of 11 DIY Doormats You Can Make Yourself and proudly claim that you have made it to greet your guests.

11 DIY Doormats You Can Make Yourself

Changing the doormats with seasons or special occasions can cost a fortune. And if you are obsessed with doormats and want to refresh your porch every time, you should figure out an alternative solution. You have to give an arm and a leg for getting a fashionable yet inexpensive doormat for your entryways. Wondering how? A DIY doormat is a simple way to greet your guests and to add a spark to your entrances. You will only need a few inexpensive supplies to make your own doormat. In this write-up, you will learn how to make your own doormat following some simple and easy steps.

1. Design set up or print your stencil.

Choosing your favorite design is the first step in making your own doormat. Ilovemats provides you with many doormats that help you in the design setup process. Once you have chosen your stencil, you are ready to print your stencil.

 2.  Secure the tap on the doormat

Tap the area of your doormat where you want to lay your design. You can either choose a small doormat or a large doormat based on your preference. Also, ensure to firmly press the tap into the doormat so that it properly sticks there.

 3.  Layer your stencil on tap

The way you place the stencil on the doormat reflects how you want to see it. Be sure that the design or template is secured to the mat and stays in place while cutting the stencil.

4. Cut out the template

Use a sharp knife to cut out the design and be diligent while cutting out the letters and design.

5.  Add colors to your template

It's time to paint your doormat with acrylic paint. Continue painting until you get the look you want.

6. Remove the tapers paint and enjoy your doormats

Lastly, peel off the tape carefully and enjoy the final product. It's good to coat it with UV-resistant spray that makes your doormat durable.

11 Best DIY doormats Stencils at Ilovemats


Greet your guests with this DIY doormat. It is perfect for beginners. So download and print this stylus and enjoy making it yourself at home.


Make your guests feel welcome with this simple yet appealing doormat that has easy-to-cut lettering for beginners.

COME IN we are Awesome

Funny yet welcoming, the text of this design combines thick, thin, straight, and curved letters perfectly. If you are an intermediate crafter, it is perfect for you.

Bless our nest

Here comes a DIY doormat for experienced crafters that welcomes your guests in its unique style.

Home Sweet Home

You can make this DIY doormat without reaching the expertise level. Even if you are an intermediate or a creative beginner, you can design this without any hiccups.


The simple design of this doormat makes it a suitable choice for crafters who do not want to invest in buying a doormat.

Custom Squid Game Doormat

As a squid game fan, you can't miss out on this doormat. Also, its simple design containing three shapes makes it perfect for beginners.

Luv You Furever

Show your love for dogs to your guests in a cute style. Get your creative side out and make it yourself.


Show your optimistic thoughts to your guests and make this a bit hard doormat by yourself. Creating this doormat requires some experience.


Make this doormat and let it say hello to your visitors in an appealing way.

Peace doormat

If you are a peace lover and want to spread the word of peace, try making this doormat at home and flaunt your creative side to your friends.

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